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New Smyrna Beach




Edgewater location now open!

(1517 S Ridgewood Ave in Edgewater)

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What exactly IS this?


NSB ESCAPE ROOM is a fun, and interactive group experience that's a combination of a scavenger hunt and puzzle solving games.  Participants race to beat the clock and try to escape from a themed room in less than 60 minutes by finding clues, solving riddles and puzzles and by working together as a team.  The goal is simple but the game is challenging! 

With exciting room themes, challenging puzzles and clues, NSB Escape room is fun for groups of any size and of any age!  Perfect for family outings, a night out with friends or a team building experience with your co-workers or teammates. Putting your problem solving skills and your ability to keep calm under pressure to the test, this real life game experience will keep you jumping until the very end! 


Only about 20% of our participants make it out in less than 60 minutes... but they enjoy every last second of the game... 

Can YOU make it out in time?



*Anyone coming alone under the age of 16 must be have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.  Click button to download and print the waiver.  Waivers are also available in the lobby.

Book now for the online rate of $28 per person! 
Call us for large group rates or to book making just a deposit.
When booking an entire room you will automatically get a 20% discount!
*In order to book a private room for your group you must book the entire room or there is a possibility of another group joining you.

Check out our exciting room themes!

In this fast paced game, your skills as an bank robber will be tested as you and your team race to find the clues, break into the vault and escape before the security guards find you! 

(20% escape rate) 2-6 players


A fun circus tent type experience that tests your skills of logic and puzzle solving while surrounded by some of the creepiest clowns around!  If physical puzzles and games are your thing then this is the room for you!  

(45% escape rate) 2-6 players



 You've managed to get yourselves locked up in a Tijuana prison and have just one hour to collect enough bribe money to convince the guards to let you go...   if the Warden returns the deal is off! 

(20% escape rate) 4-8 players

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Fact or Fiction?  You'll have an hour to decide for yourself in our hardest room yet!  Your team has found it's way to a secret laboratory hidden in Area 51 and are racing to collect evidence and escape before government officials get wind of you being there!

(10% escape rate) 4-10 players


Combination Lock


After studying the man behind the magic you and your team break into his home to try to learn more... not realizing that Houdini has booby-trapped it to protect his secrets leaving you trapped inside! 

(20% escape rate) 2-6 players


You are cordially invited to audition to become a student at The School of Wizardry.  No prior magical experience is required.  Wands will be provided for your use.

(20% escape rate) 4-8 players



The relaunch of an old favorite!  A copycat killer has brought our detective out of retirement to solve a whole new series of homicides... and this new killer means business!  The race is on because time is literally ticking away... just different enough to blow your socks off!  2-8 players


After a night out you and your buddies manage to get yourselves trapped in an old mine shaft you never should have been in to begin with... hopefully you can find your way out before setting off the left over stacks of dynamite! 



A terrifying tale of kidnapping!
Coming soon to the Edgewater location!

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Group photos are posted on FB and Instagram
             You can find them by clicking on the links below

  Contact Us  

116 Canal Street                                                                                                                                                                 1517 S Ridgewood Ave

New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168                                                                                                                                          Edgewater, FL  32132


Tel: 386-243-7658

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